Hammer and fickle.

For long decades, the liberals or leftists in Western society embraced the paired hammer and sickle as a symbol of worker rights, people power, and general Marxist principles.  Russia, the philosophy of Russians Marx and Engels, and even the Russian governmental and economic systems, were held aloft as the epitome of everything that was good, right, and just in the world.

Here are some examples of Westerners proudly displaying the hammer and sickle:

Westerners proudly displaying the hammer and sickle.

Westerners proudly displaying the hammer and sickle.

Westerners proudly displaying the hammer and sickle.

When leftist idols Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton were involved in the USA signing over uranium mining rights to Russia, the leftists just didn’t care.  To them, it was business as usual.  Of course the deal also involved truckloads of money flowing into the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary also received US$500,000 for speaking at a conference in Russia, hosted by a Russian investment bank linked to both the Kremlin and the Uranium One deal.  Nobody cared.  Russia was their friend.


Then along came Trump.  The very moment the leftists learned that anyone associated with Donald Trump had once visited Russia, or met a Russian, or communicated with a Russian, the entirety of the leftist demographic in Western society joyfully embraced the “Russia is evil!” narrative.  They rabidly began chasing down every possible point of contact between Trump and his associates and Russia, and noisily bleated that every such point of contact was treason and reason for impeachment.


What we can discern from this is that the overly emotional and woefully inexperienced and uneducated liberals will embrace anything which they see as adverse to those they see as holding power in their own society.  And they will similarly perceive as an enemy anyone or anything which can be used in that same purpose.  Therefore we can, in turn, see that they do not particularly support or believe in the hammer and sickle, Marx, Russia, or anything else; they only believe that the perceived power in their own society is evil, and anything they perceive as opposed to that power must be good, or at least temporarily useful.  That is the true nature of liberal or leftist belief and ideology.

So the next time a liberal or leftist faction takes your side and pledges support to you, just remember, sooner or later they will turn on you, label you an enemy, and use your very existence as a tool against those they perceive as their enemy.

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