Why you should avoid Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Patreon.

I will keep this as brief as possible while still providing the necessary information.

As discussed in an earlier entry (The Marxist uprising of the early 21st century), the more popular social networking websites and some other sites like Patreon are being used against fundamental aspects of freedom, and against you. How are they doing this?

  • Such websites (primarily Google, Facebook and Twitter at this time) build extensive profiles of you, including your friends and associates.
  • They insist on using your real identification data, such as your telephone number, to confirm your identity.
  • In countries which have already introduced laws outlawing the expression of unapproved words and ideas, such as Germany and Austria, that information is used to put people in prison.
  • Money is a factor which can drive the promulgation of words and ideas. Websites like Patreon permit users who espouse some (Marxism-aligned) ideologies and not others.

In short, if you say the wrong thing, or even accidentally click the join the wrong group or something, on those websites, you actually risk going to prison, if you’re in the wrong country. In other countries, it might just cost you your livelihood and thus your home. Those websites are absolutely enemies of freedom.

So what are the alternatives?

  • Here’s a list of search engines.
  • Rather than Facebook and Twitter, try Minds.com. Unlike those others, Minds.com actually embraces free speech and doesn’t try to harvest all your personal information.
  • As for Patreon, there’s a great alternative coming soon.

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