Gym etiquette.

What is a gymnasium for? What is its purpose? It’s for exercise, improving your physical condition. It’s also, except in the case of some ridiculously rich people, for multiple people to use at the same time. Those things being the case, I recommend the following.

Don’t sit there on a machine playing with your telephone or chatting. Other people want to use it. If you’re not doing a set, then get off it. If someone else gets on there and does a set, don’t worry, you won’t miss out; they will move off it after their set too.

Guys, you don’t need to wear perfume to the gym. I know Australian men are perfumed sissies, but please, resist the urge when getting ready for the gym.

Gentlemen, don’t stand around staring are the women. Such behaviour is highly unlikely to make them want to get to know you. Also, whichever woman you’re staring at, her boyfriend or husband is probably about a bajillion times more awesome than you. Ladies, this goes for you also: don’t just stand there staring at my pert bottom.

If you sweat all over it, wipe it off. If you’re a very sweaty person, put a towel on it first.

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