The gender pay gap.

For long years, a certain faction in Western society has claimed there is institutional sexism and oppression of women resulting in women being paid less than men for identical work. This, proponents of the theory suggest, is because men are evil and are conspiring to oppress all women; presumably so the men in the compared occupations can enjoy a fractionally higher wage. That seems a trifling reason to engage in a global conspiracy against half of the population. But that’s the theory.

There have been many surveys and studies attempting to prove the theory, but they have all failed to do so. Indeed, most such studies revealed that such gender pay gaps are only in evidence when once compares males and females in different occupations. Not surprisingly, the same pay gaps are in evidence when comparing men and other men in different occupations.

But then there’s this study, which found that when comparing men and women in the same jobs, in the same companies, doing the same work, the pay levels were actually the same. The only differences detected were due to risks associated with job functions.

Below are two of the tables from the study.

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