The bias and irrationality of reporters revealed in their language.

So, Donald Trump, the elected President of the United States of America, gave a rather excellent press conference about the Charlottesville riots, during which he achieved the following:

  • Firmly stated his belief that he abhors illegal violence from anyone and everyone, regardless of their ideology.
  • Made the press look like idiots again.
  • Slam dunked the extreme leftists with the label “alt-left”.
  • In response to those very clear points from Trump, the press achieved only a further revelation of their death-grip on their own biases.

    Let’s examine those points one at a time.

    Stated his beliefs.

    Trump stated several times, in different ways, that illegal violence is wrong and unacceptable, regardless of who does it or why. He was quite clear about his belief that it’s not acceptable for people to attack each other in the streets just because an opinion is disliked. That’s a perfectly reasonable belief.

    Made the press looks like idiots. Again.

    In response to Trump stating his beliefs, the press merely repeated their questions aimed at trying to get Trump to declare one group worse than the other, in contravention of his aforementioned perfectly reasonable belief. When that repetition failed to yield the desired result, the press did the only thing they could do, givne their limited intellectual faculties: repeated the same question. That made them look about as intelligent as the average barnacle.

    The slam dunk.

    For about a year now, the news companies have been portraying the USA’s alt-right movement as neo-NAZIs, racist, bigots, and generally horrible people. The reality is the alt-right does include such people, but then many other groups also include such people. The vast majority of the alt-right are just people who share the common interest of being sick of the leftist rhetoric in the USA.

    So what did Trump do? He casually whipped out the same smear the press have been using, and applied it with deadly accuracy to all the left-leaning nutters who believe they have the right to use violence to silence all words and ideas they dislike. He let that verbal cannon loose at an important press conference when the entire world was watching, right after a shockingly important and terrible episode in the USA’s history. The timing was perfect. The casual delivery was perfect. It was a beautiful hole in one, a touchdown, a bullseye, a slam dunk. Those extreme left nutters are now stuck with the appellation.

    The bias of the reporters.

    Then there was the bias of the reporters. We know the vast majority of the mainstream news businesses and their employees are very anti-Trump, primarily because they’re delusional. But one particular question they kept repeating reveals another bias. Several times, a reporter asked Trump if he was, by condemning the violence by all parties at the Charlottesville riots, placing the leftists such as ANTIFA on the same “moral plane” as NAZIs. Not that there were actually NAZIs at the riots (1), but the reporters believe there were.

    Now, the reasons the reporter repeatedly asked that same question are quite ridiculous:

    1. They have been indoctrinated into the belief that NAZIs or other racists are the worst possible things in the universe.
    2. If they can slap the NAZI/racist label on the some person or group, then anything done to that person or group is justified and acceptable, and therefore the leftists who assaulted and maimed people at Charlottesville shouldn’t really be blamed or charged with any crimes.
    3. If they can convince Trump to admit that racists are evil and deserve it, and the leftist goons aren’t really so bad after all, it also reinforces their own worldview and narrative.

    It’s quite easy to discern why those biases are ridiculous, but in case you’re having difficulty figuring it out, I’ll help you along.

    First, simply believing or expressing support for some ideology doesn’t make anyone good or bad. It might be an indication they’re enlightened or ignorant, intelligent or stupid, but the ideology alone doesn’t make them good or bad. A person’s actions, whether based on an ideology or anything else, make them good or bad. For example, an allegedly holy and righteous priest who rapes a child is infinitely worse (in my subjective opinion) than someone who holds racist beliefs but never harms anyone. Similarly, a self-righteous protestor who believes he is saving the world, and who sprays acid in someone’s face merely because their victim might hold a belief he dislikes, is infinitely worse than someone who holds racist beliefs but never harms anyone.

    Your actions reveal your character.

    Your actions are your character.

    Second, your victim’s ideology does not warrant or generate your actions. Your actions are your choice. Your actions are your fault. If you throw acid in someone’s face, doesn’t matter if your victim is the Devil or a Saint: YOU are still the sort of person who will throw acid in someone’s face. You are still an evil little coward. Your victim’s ideology doesn’t excuse, justify, or warrant your actions.


    1. There were neo-NAZIs among the crowds at Charlottesville. However, neo-NAZIs are not really NAZIs. To be a NAZI, one must be a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party, a party which no longer exists. While neo-NAZIs may hold similar beliefs to NAZIs, and may wear the costumes and wave the flags, they can not literally be NAZIs.

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