Wonder Woman was not a ground-breaking movie.

No, Wonder Woman was not a ground-breaking or revolutionary movie. And James Cameron, with whom I disagree on many matters, was correct to say it’s a step backwards.

See, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was not the first female lead in a movie. Wonder Woman was not the first female superhero movie. Wonder Woman did make a huge amount of money, but was not a leader in that regard either. It wasn’t a first in anything.

Was it a step backwards? Hell yes. The character is a teenage boy’s fantasy, a sexy, strong woman wearing bondage gear and tying up guys with a magic rope of confession. Certainly there’s nothing wrong with being sexy, and nothing wrong with sexy women. But Wonder Woman is literally a sexual fantasy figure, dreamed up by a pervert who was diddling one of his college students behind his wife’s back; he later convinced his wife to allow it to progress into an ongoing open marriage involving him and both women.

Here are a couple of very revealing quotes from Wonder Woman’s creator:

  • “Give men an alluring woman stronger than themselves to submit to and they’ll be proud to become her willing slaves.”
  • “A woman character without allure would be like a Superman without muscle.”

So, he’s saying a female character must be sexually appealing in order to be popular or interesting. And he’s revealing his dominatrix fantasies. This is what drove the creation of the deliberately sexual character Wonder Woman.

So, ah, yeah, Wonder Woman was hot. But ground-breaking? No.

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